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The RANCH-Providing a Safe Haven Since 2001

Ranch Ajijic Murder Mystery

Murder Mystery Tickets Available online.

Only the Dog Knows...and She Ain't Talking Murder Mystery; October 28th 5:00, Privado Ocampo 1, cost 500 pesos, appetizers will be served, cash bar available.

Murder Myster Event Tickets

Ranch Dog of the Week!

Dog of the Week, The Ranch

Harold of Royalty

His name has ancient origins in several languages, meaning "king", "leader", "of royal blood". We can't exactly claim all that for his boy, but Harold loves to be treated as such! He's a large German Shepherd mix, 2 years of age. He was abandoned with a group of other dogs who were rescued and now live at the Ranch...he wants to live in YOUR CASTLE though!

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